Creamy Avocado Milkshake

I have been craving ice cream and milkshakes lately.  Most likely because as a girl who grew up in the Midwest, June signifies the beginning of summer to me; warm weather, baseball games and the ice cream man.  I grew up in a small town called Waterford, just south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and fortunately the main ice cream parlor in town was at the end of my block.  Uncle Harry’s it was called and a homemade waffle cone full of Mint Oreo was always my go-to. It is still there and it’s exciting to see high school friends post pics of their kids on Facebook extolling the virtues of such an awesome old-school establishment.

On one of my recipe development missions for Kin Community, I needed to come up with some beverages and thought about this avocado shake I had in Singapore years back and how refreshing it was on a hot, sweaty day.  It was sweet, creamy, a lovely pale green and utterly delicious.  So, guided by the memory of Uncle Harry’s and my love of avocados, here’s what I came up with.  It’s a mighty fine shake that I suppose is somewhat healthy (if you’re into that sorta thing) and your friends and family will think it’s super cool.

Serves 4


2 ripe medium avocadoes

½ tin sweetened condensed milk

1 cup milk (whatever type you prefer- cow, goat, almond, soy, coconut)

2 cups ice


Put all the ingredients into the pitcher of a blender and process until smooth.