The Statue of Liberty Cocktail

Mmm, 'erica!

Mmm, ‘erica!

For the past few weeks I’ve been living in the basement of Pete and Susan… who the hell has a basement in NYC?  Well they do and Tía Weezy has been hibernating there. Last night Pete made a delicious Manhattan of sorts while Perrin was having a meltdown from the lack of Dora the Explorer.  Holy crap, these shows are crack rock for the kids!! He put a few splashes of cognac in it to clean out a rogue bottle, shook it up, strained it into little coups and Happy Hour was in full force.  We brainstormed on what to call it and decided that because it’s equal parts American and French, it reminded us of that gorgeous copper Lady that sits in New York Harbor.  Quite elegant, delicious and unpretentious, it proved to be a great drink for this 4th of July.


1 oz cognac

1 oz bourbon

1 oz sweet vermouth

2 dashes bitters, aromatic (Angostura or Hella Bitters, a local from our friends here in Brooklyn)



Throw it all in a shaker, let it rip and strain into a pretty little cocktail glass.